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We’re working on a new project.

As Rakarnov Studios we are developing a new project. This project is an online location application. It’s a good application to make people socialize. It is under development yet. If everything goes well, we’ll get to the android very soon. The name of our application is Locatiway. Anyone who downloads the application will be online on …

Zumbi Blocks free beta keys!

The old version of Zumbi Block was released. You need Steam Key Code to play. We want to distribute keys so you can access Zumbi Blocks. When you activate the Steam key code, you can play Zumbi Block 0.7.0. While you are playing the old version, we will continue to develop the new version.

Rakarnov Studios opened an office!

Rakarnov studios, one of the best in the country for game development, opened an office in the past days. We are the only independent game development team not only in Turkey but also in Brazil, Spain, Usa, Azerbaijan and China. Hopefully we will be with more innovative ideas. We will make the best games to entertain …